VISIONA Control Industrial has been awarded the tender from TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona) to install and maintain 5 automatic wheel profile measurement systems, including 4 indoor systems and one outdoor. The proposal of VISIONA Control Industrial has obtained the best score both in the technical and economical evaluation among the other proposals presented. Therefore, by the end of this year 2017 most of the vehicles from Metro Barcelona will be inspected and measured by our WheelPro system.

WheelPro system is an automatic wheel profile measurement system that is able to obtain in real-time the profile of each wheel, providing immediate feedback with an accuracy from 0.05 mm for every wheel of every axle of the train that is passing through the system. WheelPro system calculates all major wheel parameters including:

  • Flange height and widthWheelPro_MLO
  • qR Factor
  • Back to back distance
  • Diameter
  • Rim thickness
  • Flangeback
WheelPro system offers the possibility to be installed both indoor and outdoor and does not require any kind of civil work on the track. It’s a highly configurable system that can be adapted to measure any kind of fleet, from low floor trams to high speed trains. VISIONA also offers WheelBox platform, a graphical software tool that lets maintenance operators manage all measurements, define thresholds allowed for each wheel parameter, analyze trends and take decisions based on predictive maintenance in order to ensure safety and maximize availability of rolling stock while minimizing maintenance costs.