Visiona launches a new version of WheelBox in Arabic coinciding with its presence at the Middle East Rail 2016

Middle East RailVisiona will be present at MIDDLE EAST RAIL 2016 which will be held in Dubai from 8th to 9th of March. Coinciding with this event, Visiona launches a new version if his product, WheelBox, in Arabic.

The WheelBox software allows the management of WheelPro measurements. With this software the user can manage and analyze the evolution of every wheel in order to schedule a predictive maintenance. The main functionalities of WheelBox are the following:

  • Profiles management: WheelBox allows every user to filter available measurements by unit ID and/or date. Once the user has selected a measurement that should be analyzed, the application shows every measured profile as it can be seen in the figure.
  • Parameters management: WheelBox also offers the posibility of visualizing a table including all wheel parameters of a measurement of a certain unit: Flange height and width, qR factor, Flangeback, Rim thickness, Back-to-Back wheel gauge, Wheel diameter, etc.
  • Parameter evolution: WheelBox offers as well the posibility of analizing the evolution of wheel parameters of each wheel along time. This information could be used by train maintenance operators in order to define a predictive maintenance strategy and extend life cycle of wheelsets.
  • Comparison between measurements: WheelBox also offers the posibility of comparing a certain measurement with a previous one or even the ideal desired profile, just as it can be shown in figure. The plot in red is calculated as the difference between both measurements and represents the wheel wear in that period of time.
  • Current status of the fleet. In addition to previously described features, WheelBox allows the train maintenance operator to get the information regarding the current status of every fleet of trains. WheelBox automatically creates a table including a summary of every incidence in any wheel parameters taking into account the last measurement of every unit belonging to a certain fleet of trains.

This management tool was until now in Spanish, English and German languages. Coinciding with its presence at Middle East Rail, Visiona launches a new version also in Arabic.