Sports Sector

Machine vision is a field of artificial intelligence which is based on the programming of a computer so that it is able to analyze and interpret a real world scene after processing one or more images captured by some cameras. A machine vision application is composed by one or more cameras that will capture some images under certain illumination conditions. Once digitized, these images have to be processed by a computer, where the appropiate image processing algorithms have to be developed in order to obtain the necessary information from the inspected scene.

Our technology increases athlete’s effectiveness, putting data into objective such as:

  • Exact and instant location of points to determine:
    Balls, players, rackets, goals, baskets, referees…
  • Speed and movement of those points
  • Measurement of the distances between them
  • Reconstruction of scenes in 2D and 3D

Complementation with software also allows:

  • Storing and managing the obtained data
  • Comparing them according to predefined parameters
  • Analysing them in individual and/or group collectives

Besides the development of custom systems, Visiona has the following product available.


VTS | Football

System for free kick training. The system reconstructs the trajectory in 3D and detects the speed and the entrance point of the ball in the goal line.