Railway Sector

As in other sectors, machine vision has great applications in the railway sector, particularly in matters relating to the maintenance of both the rolling stock (veil, tire,…) and fixed (rails, sleepers,…).

For efficient and reliable maintenance is needed diagnostic tools that indicate the status and evolution of certain indicators. The use of machine vision in maintenance tools allow accurate measurements to achieve objectives such as:

  • Analyze the wheel wear and its tread parameters
  • Analyze the wear diameter
  • Analyze the state of the rails
  • Premature cracks and plans
  • Calculate the temperature of axle boxes
  • Calculate the temperature of the brake discs

Besides offering the development of custom applications, Visiona has developed the following products for the sector.


WheelPro System

Obtains in real-time the profile of each wheel, with an accuracy from 0.05 mm for every wheel of every axle of the train that is passing through the system.