WheelPro system is a measurement tool that is able to obtain in real-time the profile of each wheel, providing immediate feedback with an accuracy from 0.05 mm for every wheel of every axle of the train that is passing through the system. WheelPro system calculates all major wheel parameters including:
WheelBox: User tool for data management

WheelBox: User tool for data management


  • Flange height and width
  • qR factor
  • Rim thickness
  • Back-to-back wheel gauge
  • Wheel diameter
  • Rim thickness
  • Flangeback

WheelPro system can be installed indoors, adapting its design to the particular specifications of each depot, as well as outdoors on any type of rail, taking into account that no modifications to the existing line are required. The system can be upgraded with optional functionalities and can be adapted to measure almost any configuration of fleet of trains and locations.

Indoor WheelPro system

Indoor WheelPro system

Sistema WheelPro instalado en exteriores

Outdoor WheelPro System







WheelPro Characteristics

  • Wheel profile measurement with accuracy from 0.05 mm.
  • Adaptable to almost any type of location, indoor as well as outdoor, taking into account that no civil work is required. The mechanical design of every WheelPro system is adapted in height depending on the location where it should be installed, i.e. in the range between 0 and 60 mm above the track.
  • Adaptable to almost any type of fleet and wheelset. It can measure any fleet of trains with fixed or variable number of axles, as well as mixed configurations of trains composed by wheels with larger variations in diameter.
  • Wheel diameter measurement with accuracy from 0.5 mm.
  • Permissible train speed up to 120 Km/h.
  • Train speed measurement with 5% accuracy.
  • Contactless measurement and robust to the presence of sanders, electromagnetic brakes, etc.
  • Hability of measuring trains traveling in both directions.
  • Results available in realtime, immediately after the train passage.
  • Includes software tool for profile data management, wheel wear analysis, automatic alerts triggered via e-mail and/or SMS, upload of the data to third party servers, etc.