VTS | Football

VTS-Football provides a tool that transforms the goal area into a virtual target so that you can improve training of all of the phases of the game in which shooting is appreciated and it is particularly useful in the training of set-pieces such as free kicks and penalties.

VTS-Football offers objective and real data on the exact point where the ball crosses the plane of the goal and its speed.

Why VTS-Football? 


Statistical results of football demonstrate that:

  • Less than 80% of penalty shoots finish in a goal
  • Less than 4% of free kicks finish in a goal
  • Around 70% of games end as a tie or victory by one goal
  • At the end of the season the difference in points by achieving objectives is minimum. For example, in the Spanish league, in the last 5 seasons, the average points difference between being relegated to the second division and staying in the first is 0.80.

These data show that improving performance in set-pieces achieving one more goal in any of the games played throughout the league, may represent achieving the point that helps to win the league, play in Europe or not be relegated to the second division.

Technological precision 

VTS-Football is a product based on machine vision technology.

Our technology allows calculating the ball’s last trajectory and offers the exact coordinates with which it has entered the goal and its speed.

This information is also obtained in real time, and allows correcting the player during training sessions or, on the contrary, the player can train and VTS-Football will store the resulting information to be analysed later on.

The software


Comparision of the results of two different players

The details of the spot and speed of the ball entering the goal are indefinitely filed in software that allows:

  • Marking each of the shots on templates predefined by the manager
  • Analysing training sessions using individual or group graphs.
  • Comparing players including according to predefined variables such as the condition of the pitch, shooting area, score obtained…
  • See the evolution of all players throughout the season or their history in the club.