VISIONA Control Industrial S.L. is an innovative and technological company specialized in the design and development of machine vision applications, which accumulates more than 10 years of successful cases developed for industrial clients and experience in R+D projects.

The objective of VISIONA Control Industrial is to become a reference company, not only at a regional level but also at an international level, in the field of industrial machine vision applications. In order to achieve this goal, we offer our clients the most innovative solutions, customized to each particular case, so that they can accomplish:

  • Optimization of their work processes (production, maintenance, training, etc.).
  • Maximization of both productivity and the quality of their products and services.
  • Give their processes added value.

Our mission is to grow constantly, keeping abreast of new technologies and innovating day after day. In this way, we can offer our clients solution that will add value to their products, while being timely in the execution terms and implantation periods.

Mission , Vision and Values

Our mission is to offer our customers maximum satisfaction in the development of their projects. So we’ve implemented a quality system based on ISO 9001: 2015 which ensures compliance with stringent quality controls in all activity processes, demonstrating the commitment of VISIONA on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction for the “Design, development, manufacture and marketing of systems based on machine vision.”

Visiona wants to position as an expert multisectorial machine vision company, providing efficient and innovative solutions in the international market under the following values:

  1. Customer orientation.
  2. Independence and professional ethics.
  3. Effort, dedication and commitment with the quality of our services and products.
  4. R&D to achieve technological differentiation.
  5.  Social and environmental responsibility.